Construction & Project Management

constructionWe offer a variety of services in pre-construction budgeting, general contracting, 3D modeling and project management. Using the latest and most advanced technologies available to the construction industry, we have the ability to provide you with the best tools to ensure that you finish your project on budget and on time. We have expertise in educational, parks, recreation, religious, office, and healthcare facility projects and we have a superior team ready to exceed your expectations.


"SAFETY is our concern"

Autumn Dream Group has always understood the critical importance of safety and recognizes that an organization culture must start from the top. We constantly work to make safety our first priority so we employ an independent professional safety consultant to provide On House & Site training and education. The Safety Consultant conducts regular jobsite inspections and safety audits to ensure compliance at all levels of the organization.
The company has set forth safety policy on all staffs as follows:

1. The company shall enhance and create work safety.
2. The company considers that all work performers are valuable resources of the company; hence, the safety of the work performers is the important policy of the company.
3. The company shall render support in order to create work safety and provide equipment and appliances with safety condition including condition and method in operation. The company also enhances acknowledgement and motivates work performers on safety first.
4. The company has prescribed policy that there shall be a Health Safety and Environmental Committee to map out work and project planning in connection with the safety as well as carrying out the management and development the project plan to efficient success.
5.  The company has prescribed that all superiors have the duties and  responsibilities on the matter of work safety of their subordinates in strict compliance with Safety Rules and Regulations.
6.  The company has prescribed it as a policy that all work performers must have the duties and responsibilities for their own work safety as well as the safety of their co-workers in strict compliance with Safety Rules and Regulations prescribed by the company.