Board of Directors

Board of Directors (BOD) of the Autumn Dream Group brings together a team of technology and business visionaries who steer the organization towards its stated goal to provide solutions to customers to enable them to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge.
The board regulates and details the following key matters:
- Board leadership and defines the separate responsibilities of the chairman and the chief executive as well as the role of the lead independent director;
- Board composition, procedures, pre-requisites and competencies for membership, size and composition of the board;
◊ Balance of powers;
◊ The role and responsibilities of the board;
◊ Board committees’ governance;
◊ Appraisal and performance of the board and its committees; and
◊ Relationship with stakeholders.
The board charter stipulates that the operation of the board and the executive responsibility for the running of the company's business should be two key and separate tasks and there should be a clear division of responsibilities at the head of the Company to ensure a balance of power and authority, ensuring that no individual or block of individuals has unfettered powers of decision-making or can dominate the board’s decisionsbod